Best Square Pedestal Sinks

Are you looking to do some bathroom renovations? Are you considering a change in style in your pedestal sink?

Here are the five best square pedestal sinks to choose from, as well as the pros and cons of each one.

Best Square Pedestal Sink  

KOHLER K-5266-4-G8 Veer Pedestal Bathroom Sink

The KOHLER K-5266-4-G8 Veer Pedestal Bathroom Sink is the perfect sink choice if you are looking for something that is both stylish yet underrated. Made with vitreous china, it stands at 35.5 inches high and features a width of 21 inches; for those looking for more, there is the option to upgrade to 24 inches.

To avoid any overflow, the KOHLER Veer features three holes and the option of having a four or eight-inch center. The KOHLER Veer is suitable for any small to medium-sized bathroom.

Made using vitreous china, the KOHLER Veer is meant to not only last but maintain its appeal of simplicity and functionality for years down the road.

  • Available in six different colors
  • Wide edges and surrounding, perfect for toiletries
  • Easy to assemble
  • It does not include handles – sold separately

Best Budget-Friendly Sink 

American Standard Boulevard Pedestal

The ergonomic design of the American Standard Boulevard Pedestal means you don’t have to worry about bending low to brush your teeth or wash your hands. This can be placed at the corner or center of your bathroom.

The Boulevard features two front overflows so that you can rest assured there won’t be any splashing or flooding happening. American Standard has been a brand that strives to create and sell products that are functional and durable.

  • Stain-resistant and high gloss
  • Tall – suitable for sitting or standing
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Available only in white
  • Faucet not included

Foremost Series Pedestal Combo Bathroom Sink

Need a quick fix for your bathroom and one that won’t break the bank? The Foremost Series Pedestal Combo Bathroom Sink is the perfect option. A white self-rimming pedestal sink, the Foremost combo is designed with clean lines with a touch of art deco look.

There are pre-drilled faucet holes with a four-inch center spacing and an overflow design. The Foremost is made with vitreous china making it highly durable and resilient to cracking. This pedestal sink would be perfect for any powder room in a small or medium bathroom.

  • Ample space for toiletries
  • Mini built-in backsplash and overflow wall
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Facet not included
  • Only available in white

Best Style 

ADM Square Freestanding Pedestal Stone Resin Sink

If budget isn’t an issue, and you are looking for something unlike anything currently on the market, consider the ADM Square Freestanding Pedestal Stone Resin Sink. This modern, stylish, and freestanding pedestal sink is perfect for anyone looking for that piece of a bathroom fixture that is sure to draw positive and glowing attention.

This particular pedestal sink is designed with a composite resin and is completely and entirely customizable to suit any homeowner’s preference of a faucet style and make.

Clean lines and made to suit your needs and style, ADM Square freestanding is one way of adding a modern and stylish touch to any bathroom or powder room to your home.

  • ADM warranty that ranges from three years commercial use or ten years residential
  • Solid stone material – making it strong and resistant to chips and cracks when you drop something.
  • Chrome drain included
  • No facet fixtures included
  • One-color – white

KOHLER Memoirs Ceramic Pedestal Sink

Known for quality and home fixtures, the KOHLER Memoirs Ceramic Pedestal Sink is available in five different colors. Featuring an over drain prevents any possible water build-up spilling over if the tap is left running.

Unlike typical sinks made with china or ceramic, this is made with fireclay and is beautifully designed to be architecturally and elegantly stunning. Its unique design makes it versatile for any bathroom or powder room style, whether the sleek and modern or casual and traditional appeal look.

  • It can easily be paired with any bathroom fixture or style
  • Ample options to choose from, including depth and height.
  • Can use the included pedestal or an alternative.
  • Faucet fixtures not included
  • Requires pedestal and stink installation
  • Available in five different colors

What to Look for in a Sink?

When shopping for a sink, consider these three factors: material, overflow valve, and size.

Typically, most sinks are made with vitreous china; however, some sinks, especially those meant to be more about aesthetics rather than longevity, are made with other materials, such as clay or even bamboo. These sinks don’t have a long lifespan and typically require proper care and maintenance, whereas china and ceramic can be easily wiped down with a cloth.

An overflow valve is the holes generally found around the bowl, and they help make sure the sink does not spillover. While some would assume that all sinks bowls would have this, they do not; therefore, if this is an important feature, make sure that the bowl you purchase does have this feature.

Did you know that you can find ergonomic sinks? What this means is that the sinking vessel or the sink itself is slightly higher than average. This may be important for anyone who has back problems or who can’t usually lean forward. Some sinks are shorter than usual, which are great for bathrooms that children typically use or someone who sits to use the sink.

Shopping Smart for the Best Pedestal Sink

Before you hit “buy” on that shopping cart, you must take the proper measurements for the space you plan on installing the sink, as well as the depth from the wall to the end of the sink. While most sinks are standard in size and typically come with faucet fixtures, non-standard or customizable ones do not; therefore, it’s essential to read the fine print and know precisely what you are getting when you place your order.

Take, for example, the ADM pedestal sink – this is an entirely customizable sink, from the fixtures to the space of holes and more.

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