Best Small Pedestal Sinks

You may encounter many obstacles when looking for a sink if you have a small bathroom. Even though you want your surroundings to look beautiful, you also need something that works.

Take a look at the following list of small pedestal sinks. You can use it as a guide to choosing the one that fits your needs the most!

Portsmouth 22 Inch Corner Pedestal Bathroom Sink Small White

If you’re looking for a beautiful pedestal bathroom sink with a classic design, this one is a fantastic option for you.

Many people don’t want flashy sinks in their bathrooms. Instead, they prefer something that blends in with the surroundings without stealing the spotlight.

The design of this model is ideal. It’s small compared to other sinks, so you should keep the dimensions in mind if you want it for your bathroom.

With the Small Pedestal Bathroom Sink, you get a traditional design with a classic look. Experts built it with beautiful porcelain and it’s completely white.

Different customers have tried the Small Pedestal Bathroom Sink, and they all agree on one thing: it’s a phenomenal option for small spaces. If you want a larger alternative, you should look for a different sink. Before buying, consider the following pros and cons:

  • It’s made of quality porcelain
  • The sink has a beautiful design
  • You can combine the design with many different styles
  • The sink may be too small for tall people

Ondine 16 Inch Pedestal Sink

The amazing Vitreous China Pedestal Sink is made of fantastic porcelain. Additionally, its luxurious design can make your bathroom look very elegant.

Signature Hardware is famous for providing people with high-quality products. The Vitreous China Pedestal Sink sits on the top of a pedestal vase, so you must keep that in mind if you want to buy it because you may need professional help with the installation process.

If you buy this sink, you can make your bathroom look very beautiful. Its shape hides the plumbing, and the pedestal gives a little more height to the whole item, so it is ideal for small spaces.

It’s hard to find a small sink that looks elegant, fits your bathroom, and is functional. However, the Vitreous China Pedestal Sink does its job perfectly. Take a look at some of its pros and cons:

  • The sink has a beautiful modern design
  • You can buy it on Amazon, and it’s an affordable model
  • It’s ideal for small spaces
  • It can make your bathroom look elegant
  • Some people have complained because it’s badly wrapped, which can cause issues

KOHLER K-5265-8-0 Veer Pedestal Bathroom Sink

If you’re looking for a wonderful sink with a pedestal design, you may love the Compact White Sink. It has an open back, and you can install it by sliding it in, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms.

When you have a small bathroom, it’s hard to find a sink that makes it look modern and perfectly fits your space. The Compact White Sink may be a good option for you because its design saves a lot of space.

The Compact White Sink is made of sturdy materials. Therefore, it’s highly durable. You don’t have to worry about replacing it once you install it since it lasts for a long time.

Furthermore, the model has a pre-drilled hole to manage potential issues, such as overflow. Thus, it’s a great alternative if you have children because they might leave the tap open sometimes. You can install the Compact White Sink in their bathroom with no issues!

The sink is built with Grade A Vitreous China, and its finish is destined to embellish your surroundings while also lasting a long time. It has anti-scratch properties, and it’s resistant to stains!

Petite Corner Pedestal Sink by Cheviot Products, Inc.

You might want an easy-to-install sink that perfectly fits your bathroom without taking too much space. Fortunately, the Petite Corner Pedestal Sink is one of the best options you can go for.

When you have a small bathroom, you might have a hard time figuring out how to place everything. There are some things you may want to include, even if you can’t bring a bathtub in. Thus, finding a small sink could save your life!

With the Petite Corner Pedestal Sink, you can stop worrying about the space you need to place it. Since you can simply put it in a corner, it’s a great way to arrange everything in your bathroom!

The sink is made of sturdy ceramic, and it’s completely white. It has a beautiful corner design, and you can combine it with everything else in your bathroom. 

If you buy the Petite Corner Pedestal Sink, you also get a pedestal in case you want any additional support. Now that you know the basics of the model, check out its pros and cons:

  • You can save space by placing it on a corner
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It’s made of a very durable material
  • It’s easy to install
  • It may be too small if you’re tall

Roosevelt Pedestal Sink, Fine Fixtures Store

The Roosevelt sink is made of sturdy ceramic, and its elegant design can change your bathroom’s appearance in a second. 

Although the Roosevelt has enough space on its pedestal, it’s a perfect sink for small bathrooms. It’s a great model and can keep your surroundings clean and neat. Take a look at the model’s pros and cons before buying it:

  • It’s a beautiful and elegant sink
  • The Roosevelt sink is perfect for very small bathrooms
  • You can choose among two different colors
  • Some people say the color is not bright white


Finding the perfect small sink for your bathroom is not an easy task because you need to get something that’s both beautiful and functional.

However, you can evaluate all the options on the list. Fortunately, all the models are high-quality products, so all you need to do is choose the one you like the most and that fits your budget!

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