Best Corner Pedestal Sinks

Cheviot Products Inc. Petite Corner Pedestal Sink

The sink is made from ceramic, and it weighs 60 pounds. A premium glaze is applied to the product, and this offers numerous benefits: resistance to bacteria, easier to clean, and ensures long-term durability. 

The white color blends with any environment and can match any bathroom fixtures you may have. This sink comes with a predrilled hole that accepts a Monoblock, single-hole sink faucet. The sink takes a 1 ¼ inch pipe.

This sink is ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved, hence the sinks may be sold in both the USA and Canada. This model offers easy installation and is cheaper than other similar sinks.

  • Compact design enables the sink to fit into any bathroom design.
  • A cheaper price-point ensures value for money, priced at $65.
  • Premium glaze ensures life-long durability.
  • Accredited and approved by regulatory bodies.
  • Lacks modern design and is an older model
  • Does not come with the necessary equipment for installation.

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Wall Mounted Vanity Sink

The vanity sink is white wall mounted is ideal for small bathrooms. There is storage space under the sink to keep essentials and bathroom supplies. The dark oak varnish gives the vanity sink a modern feel.

This sink is a grade A Vitreous China structure; hence the sink is extremely durable and is not subject to cracking or chipping. The vanity sink is coated in a stain and scratch-resistant finish which ensures the product is kept in good condition for a long period. 

The sink is made from porcelain and has a triangular shape. The product dimensions are 12 x 16.5 x 22.75 inches and have a weight of 32.4 pounds. Installation is difficult and requires intermediate DIY installation skills. The vanity sink has a high price point at $299 

  • White porcelain allows the vanity sink to match the bathroom regardless of the colors incorporated.
  • Grade A Vitreous China wood promotes long-term robustness.
  • The dark oak exterior provides a contemporary look.
  • Storage space under the sink differentiates this product from other similar goods.
  • A little more expensive than other models on the market.
  • Installation may require time, and it might be a difficult process.

Swiss Madison Monaco Pedestal Sink

This Swiss Madison pedestal sink is one of the best pedestal sinks, for tiny bathrooms on the market today. Its sleek, contemporary design gives the impression of one continuous piece, which is pleasing to the eye. If you want simple lines, this sink is for you.

This pedestal sink is not only stylish, but it also comes with a one-year limited warranty. It is easier to install than a traditional pedestal sink because of its form. There is no need to balance a large basin on a small pedestal. Rather, the large basin is housed within the column

It has a smooth, eye-catching white finish, and the lack of fluting or fancy details makes cleaning a breeze. This sink may endure a long time because it is made of robust ceramic and has a single-hole faucet configuration. To complete the classy design, it also has an overflow drain with a polished edge.

  • This sink stands out from the crowd with its sleek design.
  • To prevent water from rising too high, an overflow drain is included.
  • The conical shape facilitates installation, and eliminates the need for balance.
  • For regular duties, a deep pedestal sink basin comes in handy.
  • A little more expensive than other models on the market.
  • Installing this sink may require two people because it is heavier than standard pedestal sinks.

American Standard Boulevard Sink

American Standard bathroom sinks are designed to be both attractive and functional. The bathroom sink is available in a range of styles, and configurations to suit your needs.

This sink provides more storage capacity than a regular pedestal sink because of the large flat surface around the upper rim. You can store toothbrushes or other items right where you need them, unlike some other models. Despite this, this sink is small and may save space in your bathroom.

This sink comes with pre-drilled holes for a two-handled faucet. There is also an overflow. The exquisite oval bowl contrasts nicely with the rectangular elements seen in this style. The fluting around the edges adds to the vintage beauty of this sink.

A little lip at the back serves as a splash guard, preventing splatters on the wall behind it. Although this model may require a little extra care during installation, the pricing is reasonable, for all of the features offered.

  • There’s plenty of room for toiletries and bottles in the storage area.
  • The oval bowl and squared edges create a subtle aesthetic contrast.
  • Provides a vintage aesthetic, and works nicely with both old and current trends.
  • The oblong overflow drain is ideal for preventing messes. Vitreous china is exceptionally durable and may not break or split.
  • Your item might be damaged during shipping.
  • There is a possibility that installation may be tough.

Kohler Cimarron Pedestal Sink

Even though this isn’t a tiny pedestal sink, it does seem sleek and modern. This sink can blend in with practically any bathroom design because of its simple lines and attractive aesthetic.

This product benefits from the Kohler brand’s reputation for quality. When purchasing, a one-year limited guarantee might also give you peace of mind. This type is also less expensive than other Kohler pedestal sinks now available.

The pure white surface of this sink is made of long-lasting vitreous china with a gleaming toilet glaze finish. There’s also a pre-drilled drain hole and a single hole for a faucet.

Despite its small size, the basin of this sink is large and generous. It’s versatile enough to handle practically any bathroom task.

  • The glazed finish is lustrous and easy to clean.
  • This sink’s elegant appearance may go with practically any bathroom style. Its sturdy construction and shape ensure its longevity.
  • The interior of the basin is substantially designed to provide plenty of space.
  • Extra storage is available on top of the sink thanks to the rim, which is not available on other versions.
  • This package does not include a faucet.
  • It may be a little pricier than other models.

Are pedestal sinks good?

Yes, it’s fair to say that pedestal sinks are good.
Pedestal sinks offer you a lot of storage space under the sink, and this is because there is no countertop above it to take up space.

Pedestals also provide a professional look for your bathroom or kitchen and can be built-in or free-standing with any type of material (stone, glass, wood). Just like the name suggests, pedestal sinks sit on top of a pedestal which can elevate them up from wall height to counter height.

This means that while some people prefer them because they give more clearance underneath for taller people without bending down; other people might dislike they’re higher than usual weight-bearing structure and how bulky they can feel when installed.

Is it hard to replace a pedestal sink?

Replacing a pedestal sink is not all that hard. In order to remove the old pedestal sink, you’ll want to unscrew the bolts from underneath and remove the old pedestal from where it sits.

Then, use a level to make sure if your new pedestal is sitting straight before screwing in the bolts. Finally, attach any attaching pieces of hardware like stop valves or faucets back on with standard fittings.

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