Best 24-Inch Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks can be a beautiful and stylish addition to any bathroom. These sink types can easily make any bathroom feel bigger since they provide an elegant but minimalistic look, depending on the model you choose.

Overall, pedestal sinks can be a simple choice to make your bathroom look amazing and save some space. However, there are currently many options available, making it challenging for users to choose the best one for their needs.

On this page, we’re going to take a look at the best five 24-inch pedestal sinks so that you have a clearer idea of what may work for your particular case.

Why Should You Buy a Pedestal Sink?

Many people tend to compare pedestal sinks with vanity sinks. While both models are highly popular, they have some slight differences that you should be aware of. 

First, a pedestal sink is suitable for smaller bathrooms since they don’t take as much space as other sink types. If you’re looking for a sink for your powder room or half bath, a pedestal sink may be the best option for you. 

However, keep in mind that, unlike a vanity sink, pedestal sinks don’t provide additional storage underneath them, meaning you must find someplace else to store your toothbrushes, razors, and other bathroom accessories.

Pedestal sinks are also great options for your bathroom if you’re looking for easy maintenance. Considering that the surface of these sinks is entirely exposed, you can easily clean it and reach every space. 

In cases of optimal usage and maintenance, a pedestal sink can last up to 30 years, which is more than enough in most cases. Overall, pedestal sinks are a more compact and simpler choice for people who are looking to furnish their small bathroom.

Best 24-Inch Pedestal Sinks

KOHLER K-5266-8-0 Veer Pedestal Bathroom Sink

KOHLER’s veer pedestal sink is one of the top-rated choices for most users. This model in particular features eight-inch center faucet holes, and it was built with Vitreous China for more durability.

Thanks to the pedestal’s wide basin, you can easily hold grooming items or toiletries with ease. Overall, this bathroom sink’s height and width are perfect for most small bathroom settings. It’s also a relatively affordable choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

It’s important to note that this pedestal bathroom sink doesn’t come with a faucet. However, we believe it still has an amazing price for the value and quality it offers users. If you’re interested in this pedestal sink, make sure to read more about it here.

  • It has a stylish look.
  • It fits most small bathrooms.
  • It features a wide basin to hold some bathroom accessories.
  • It doesn’t come with a shroud to hide water connections.

KOHLER K-2344-8-0 Memoirs Stately Pedestal Bathroom Sink

In case you’re looking for a more elegant design for your bathroom, the “Memoirs Stately” 24-inch pedestal sink may do the job for you. According to the manufacturer, this sink was designed with inspiration from architectural elements to offer clean and crisp lines.

This sink was also created to pair perfectly with other “Memoirs” products, such as toilets, baths, and extra accessories. Overall, it features a sink overflow drain, which prevents the sink from filling with water too fast.

As opposed to the last sink, the Memoirs Stately bathroom sink was made from fire clay to achieve the look of fine antiques. This is a durable, beautiful, and overall excellent sink that may fit most small bathrooms with ease. In some cases, it may even be suitable for medium-sized bathrooms.

While this product doesn’t feature such a wide basin, you may still hold smaller bathroom accessories there, such as soap dispensers or candles. Read more about this product here.

  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It combines perfectly with other items from the Memoirs suite.
  • It’s not easy to install.
  • Some users have reported small cracks on the sink after some time of usage.

American Standard 0641.400.020 Boulevard Pedestal Sink

The American Standard pedestal sink keeps the design as classic and simple as possible. However, it still provides a clean look that most homeowners are going to enjoy. This product was made from corner Vitreous China.

As for the features, the American Standard sink comes with rim slants toward the basin to prevent overflowing, and it’s also supplied with a wall hanger for easier installation. The basin is wide enough to fit small bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers.

Overall, this is a highly durable and classic pedestal sink that not only looks good in any bathroom but also provides durability for years. Read more about this pedestal sink here.

  • It was designed with Vitreous China.
  • It comes with a wall hanger.
  • It was designed to prevent overflow and promote quicker drainage.
  • The base sits approximately seven inches from the wall, exposing a bit of the plumbing behind it.

PROFLO PF4008 Oval Pedestal Bathroom Sink

This pedestal bathroom sink is a great option for those who want to save a bit more money on their bathroom sink without losing any quality on the product. The PROFLO oval sink was built with Vitreous China, which makes it a durable product.

On the other hand, it features simple installation and three pre-drilled faucet holes for more comfort. Additionally, it’s equipped with an overflow to prevent spillage. Consider going for this sink if you don’t mind the design and only want a functional sink in your small bathroom. 

Read more about this bathroom sink here.

  • It’s constructed with durable materials.
  • It’s suitable for most small or medium-sized bathrooms.
  • It’s an affordable product.
  • It doesn’t feature a stylish design.
  • It doesn’t have a wide basin for holding bathroom accessories.

Magnus Home Products Dawson 100 Vitreous

This pedestal sink has one of the most interesting designs on this list. It was fabricated from solid ceramic, which is a durable material. Additionally, it comes with three pre-drilled holes for easier installation.

If you’re looking for an attractive and sturdy pedestal sink, the Kinston Brass VPB3248 may be the most suitable option for your bathroom since it fits most bathrooms without taking much space.

Read more about this product here.

  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It was made from durable materials.
  • It’s not an affordable product.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right pedestal sink for your bathroom may seem complicated, but if you take the time to look at each available option carefully, you may be able to make a much smarter purchase. 

These sinks tend to have classic and beautiful designs, so you may make the most of them by choosing a model that fits your current bathroom furniture.

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