The sink may be one of the best inventions ever. The sink has made our lives so much easier for well over a century. Before sinks, people were forced to bring their water in from outside and pour it into a basin. After several years, the sink has come a long way.

These days, you can find sinks made out of several different types of materials.


It is no longer necessary for anyone to run outside and get their own water.  Lucky for us, someone invented indoor plumbing.  For years, we have been able to turn water on right inside our homes and the water comes right in.



Types of Sinks

kitchen sinksThere are a few different types of sinks. Each type of sink has a different style and a different purpose.
The first type of sink is the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is exactly what its name says. It is a sink in the kitchen.

A kitchen sink is a necessary part to one’s kitchen. The kitchen sink’s major purpose is to wash dishes. For years, people have been washing dishes in the sink. Since the invention of the dishwasher, however, the kitchen sink has had a bit of a break from washing the dishes. The kitchen sink is still used for many things. Washing hands, cooking, and soaking items name a few. Kitchen sinks have a few different styles.




classic kitchen sinkThe older sinks are just one large basin. This makes washing and rinsing the dishes a bit more difficult. The newer sinks have two basins. This sink isn’t larger, it is just slit in half. This way, one side can be used for washing and the other side for rinsing.

Having a double-sided sink just makes things easier. Most people these days do not like to drink the water from the faucet in their kitchen sink. With all of the chemicals used to clean the water as well as possible pollution, most people use bottled water for drinking purposes. Some people choose to have a water filtration system.

It may seem like a large expensive piece of equipment but it is not. All a water filtration system is, is a small tube-shaped object which is hooked over the faucet. This purifies the water as it comes out of the faucet. There is also a water purifying pitcher. This is a pitcher that has unpurified water poured into it and the water is purified when it comes out. The purification system is in the spout of the pitcher. The invention of the kitchen sink has made cooking in the kitchen much easier.



The older sinks are just one large basin. This makes washing and rinsing the dishes a bit more difficult. The newer sinks have two basins. This sink isn’t larger, it is just slit in half. This way, one side can be used for washing and the other side for rinsing.

Another type of sink is the bathroom sink. The bathroom sink is just what its title says. A sink in the bathroom. The bathroom sink, unlike the kitchen sink, is not made for washing dishes. The bathroom sink is made more for personal grooming than household chores.

The bathroom sink is where people brush their teeth, where they wash their hands, and also where men shave. There are several grooming activities done in a bathroom sink. The bathroom sink in generally smaller than the kitchen sink. It is usually set in a vanity. There is a much larger selection of bathroom sinks than kitchen sinks. Bathroom sinks come in many more shapes and sizes. There are round sinks, square sinks, rectangle sinks, oval sinks, and even seashell shaped sinks. There are many different colors as well.

Another sink type is a bar sink. The bar sink is self descriptive. It is a sink in a bar. A bar with a sink is called a “wet bar.” Most bar sinks, especially bar sinks for the home, are made to look nice. A very nice material used for bar sinks is brass. A brass sink is a delicate sink. It can be scratched easily, but it is the nicest material for an elegant bar sink. Any sink material can be used. There are many other nice materials as well.

Another type of sink is a utility sink. A utility sink is used in basements, laundry rooms or garages. Utility sinks are used to clean large, heavy duty items. Washing work boots, lawn ornaments, and sweaters that are hand wash only.

bathroom sinks

Sink Materials

sinks materialsThere are many different materials used when making sinks. For long last and durability, stainless steel is a good choice. You can get a kitchen sink, bar sink, or utility sink in stainless steel. Another durable material for a sink is granite.

The granite does not scratch easily. The more delicate materials such as brass and glass are usually used in bar sinks or any other type of sink where scratching the sink is unlikely. Copper sinks are an excellent choice. They have a beautiful quality and they improve with age.

The older a copper sink gets, the more beautiful the sink becomes. The color turns to a rich, deep, beautiful color. Another wonderful quality is that copper sinks can repair themselves if they are scratched. This makes copper sinks a wonderful choice.



What Should I Consider when Choosing a Sink Material?

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a material for your sink. The first thing is always, will the material of your choice look silly.

It is not wise to choose a material that does not go right. Stainless steel, for example, looks nice in bar sinks or kitchen sinks. You will not find stainless steel sinks in the bathroom.

Another fact to take into consideration is the durability. It is well known that brass sinks are damaged very easily. It would not be wise to make a utility sink out of brass. It would be broken in a second.

When purchasing a new sink, it is a good idea to consider every aspect before deciding on anything. Thinking it all through first will save a lot of time and effort. If you choose the wrong sink, you will need to start over.

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